Free and Open to the Public
Monthly Meetings
are held 2nd Tuesday 5:45 pm at First United Methodist Church Rm. 233
420 N. Nevada Ave. Colo. Spgs.
August 9, 2022 meeting - Panel on Housing for Survivors
(low volume; turn on Closed Captioning)
July 2022 monthly meeting with Dr. Jennisue Jessen
June 14, 2022 meeting  Sandra Petkevis from the Avery Center
April 12, 2022 meeting - National Trafficking Shelter Alliance
March 8, 2022 meeting - CSPD's Sgt. Van't Land and
Councilman Dave Donelson
January 2022 monthly meeting - Alex Woods of CHTC

September 13, 2022 meeting -

John DiGirolamo - It's Not About the Sex

August 2022 monthly meeting - Panel on Housing for Survivors