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Stopping Sexual Exploitation

Stopping Sexual Exploitation (SSE): a Program for Men is a non-judgmental program based on principles of social justice and personal transformation.  This program is designed to help participants gain an understanding of their behavior and promote their own decisions to not buy sex. This is not about assigning blame, but rather a focus on personal change.


SSE is about examining the factors that prevent us from living fully engaged lives.

Participants commit to a total of 10 weekly sessions at the same time and day each week.

The program consists of the following components:

  • Two individual 60-minute sessions before participation in the group.

  • Eight weekly group sessions:

    • Group size is limited and the eight 2.5 hour learning modules are highly interactive.

    • Exercises and group discussions engage participants in a process of self-reflection and critical analysis.


Weekly topics include:

  1. Sexuality and Gender Socialization

  2. Harm to Victim/Survivors

  3. The Sexual Violence Continuum

  4. Pimping, Trafficking and Domestic Violence

  5. Power and Violence

  6. Vulnerability

  7. Mutuality in Relationships

  8. The Will to Change

Next program start date:  TBD

Program Fee:  $900

This fee covers all materials and facilitation costs for the program, as well as supports survivor needs through the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado. 

Please register using the form below.

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